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Kevin Nichols

In 1989, Kevin was offered a job at WMFJ radio in Daytona Beach, Florida.  As the afternoon drive talent, he was faced with the challenge of keeping everything upbeat at the end of the day.  Later, when Cornerstone Broadcasting took over, he was  given the morning show time which proved even more challenging.  With exemplary microphone skills and lively attitude, Kevin can keep the party going!  Growing up as a preacher's son, Kevin was on the mic at an early age, singing before crowds of hundreds at age 4.  His love of performing continued through school, acting in many musicals and playing the saxophone since sixth grade.  

Kevin has worked for several of the top mobile entertainment companies in Orlando.  He started with White Rose Entertainment in early 2002 and became the Director of Operations in 2004.  He is a highly sought after performer in the Southeast United States.  He has performed at over 1000 events, including weddings, corporate events and night clubs.  He is also the male voice talent for The End Radio Network and is a DJ contributor for the station as well.

He is regularly asked to perform as DJ for many high schools for proms and homecomings in the Georgia, providing a soundtrack of hype party tracks!

On the corporate side, Kevin has worked with many companies such as Urban Decay, Victoria’s Secret, UPS Capital, Cox Business and many more!

Kevin is a contributor for ProAcademy's Series "Event Lighting", a training video on event lighting.

He also teams up with Extreme Event Design out of Atlanta on a regular basis, helping bring World Class productions to the corporate, wedding and school worlds.

He is an open format DJ who can adapt to any setting he is put into.  With unending energetic styling, Kevin sparks enthusiasm in everyone he meets!